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Alicia Previn: children's books with a love for nature

Adams 2018 June 2

New record out: Lovely lovely cover

All music videos and discography, Don't forget my special freebee offer with my new earthworm book. Check new article in The Troubadour

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2016 Fall tour with Nik Turner 
Hedersleben will be opening and backing Nik Turner on a US tour starting next month, (See dates below). We will be debuting selections from our up coming album Hedersleben 4 Orbit.

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Learn Violin

I've been à violin teacher, composer, recording artist for decades with great testimonials from my students.
I've lived, recorded and toured most of the western world, recently back from Japan and last month a 33-date US and Canadian tour, accepting students of ALL AGES WHO WANT TO PLAY THE VIOLIN OR FIDDLE
My home or yours or on from anywhere in the world! . Half an hour-45 minute lessons and plenty of variety in music to help you learn theory, technique, PLAY IN TUNE, how to read music, improvise, and enjoy the instrument.
My special Points technique will give you confidence as a beginner or someone who wants to improve.

The music business is such a small world, so i figure, you never know who you could run into posting on here?
I am a musician who thrives on being creative, inspired and I continue to collaborate musically in practically any genre as I already do for a living. I play out several times a week, write, and teach music, but always looking for a creative band project, corporate gig, recording, video, festival, street fair, music for a play or whatever you have in mind to get behind.
Essentials: I play in tune, have my own playing style/sound, often use a pedalboard, can listen and know how to give space to other musicians in a band, lyricist, high energy, performance image/dress.

* Please do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

A wise tortoise known as "Teacher" gathers the desert animals together to tell them their dear Walter Tortoise is missing, and the future of their desert is at stake because the two-legged plans to scrape the desert away, relocate all the animals and use the pristine desert to make electrical energy. Can they rescue Walter and save their home from destruction and ruin?

Where does our food come from? We need bees to live. Bees are responsible for pollinating a third of our fresh food as well as making honey. Why are bees in trouble and dying? What can we do to help save the bees? Practical steps. Give Bees a Chance song and video included. Beautiful photo-and-picture mixed media illustrations.

The Earthworm Book is a book that highlights the value and importance of a very small creature called the earthworm. This book gives a glimpse of these unique world travelers with their amazing design. The life of the earthworm makes ours as humans look really small. The Earthworm Book is educational, inspiring and fun, for all ages.

Previn began playing the violin at 7-years-old and was classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London by Virginia Majewski and Joan Rotchford-Davies. She experimented with other music genres such as rock, folk, blues and jazz, performing in bands from age thirteen.[citation needed] In high school, she joined the London Symphony Orchestra Chorus, conducted by her father at the Royal Albert and Festival Halls.

Previn recorded, performed and toured with a variety of bands and artists in diverse musical genres, playing across the globe on singles and CDs. She was also a member of the Irish rock group In Tua Nua as well as The Young Dubliners. She appeared on television in the U.S. and internationally in music TV shows, commercials, videos and MTV music videos. She also performed on Jay Leno's Tonight Show in 1993 with "The Cages" with British talk-show host Des O'Connor. Previn was nominated at the San Diego Music Awards in 2013 as best female musician with now disbanded group "Folding Mr. Lincoln". Please check her Wikipedia article a her Discogs records

Her recording career includes Polydor Records' artist, Philip D'Arrow, Atlantic Records' artist Andy Leek, London Records' artists The Hothouse Flowers, Virgin Records' band In Tua Nua, Dave King's band Flogging Molly (formerly Fastway) and Katmandu, Irish rock band Finn MacCool, New Red Archives Records' Ten Bright Spikes, Red Planet Records' The Bumpin' Uglies, Virgin Records' Cracker with David Lowery, JVC Records' Great White and Jack Russell, Capitol Records' Richard Thompson, and with Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot, as well as English bands such as General Public, The Communards, Barry Blue/Julian Littman Productions, and The Flying Pickets. She also leads her own band in the UK and released "Shatterproof" in 1982. Previn has authored children's books addressing the ecological future regarding earthworms, tortoises bees. The Earthworm Book includes instructions on how to start a small worm farm. Previn is also involved in the Bio-Dynamic Farming method.[citation needed] In "Give Bees a Chance" Previn deliberately put a picture of a bee on the top corner of every page. “That means the child has to touch it every time they turn the page." It is meant to help them lose their fear of being stung.

Compost is all the leaves, parts of plants, food scraps, and many other natural earthy substances that are piled up together and break down over time into healthy living soil that a farmer or gardener need to grow things. The earthworm is an essential part of this process. The pages of this site are dedicated to these unique creatures. The Earthworm Book is where you can learn more and start your own small worm farm. I also have been involved in the Bio-Dynamic Farming methods. The book comes with a full-length CD audio book with The Earthworm Song and even more music to enjoy for nap time or anytime!
. My new book is a mixed media illustrated book about protecting the Mojave desert, the Native American ancient cultural resources and the animals. It's called "The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise." The "green" industry looks beautiful on the outside, but there is harm being done that we don't see. We need to teach our children how to be better thinkers and engineers, so they can avoid the mess that we are making and truly be sustainable by working with all lives concerned. I'm in the process of making the story into an audio book with the animal character voices which I will be offering to anyone who buys the book. 
. I'm also preparing for print several other children's books which will be available soon. I have been doing the illustrations as well as the writing, but I'm open to publishers choosing either of the talents they would care to represent.
. I have also been a professional musician for over 20 years, have a vast discography and worldwide performing on stage and for TV video and radio. Writing, singing, violin, bass, percussion and acoustic guitar. Since the early 80's the electric violin has been a great outlet for changing people's ideas of what a violin can do as I was one of those pioneering improvisation and dancing. Having been a violin teacher for over ten years, with my own teachers being top professionals, I have written out a supplemental book describing my violin beginner method which helps students have a perfect hand position for good intonation. The Previn Method: The Glue will hopefully be available to the public, not just my students!
Please visit and say hello on my website Earthworm Friends We Care!


green violin

With her famous green violin,

Alicia Previn has covered the world. With her fabulous musicianship, and her immense repertoire, she challenges you to offer her to play a special tune. She most probably knows the tune, and if not, she will learn it almost on the spot.
Follow her by filling the form below, and be the first to know at what event she will perform, what his her new book, or her new record.



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